Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS)

FLACS consists of different surgical steps of the cataract pre-treatment including lens fragmentation, capsulotomy and corneal incisions. Cataract surgery with the FEMTO LDV Z8 is performed with an advanced liquid patient interface to avoid corneal folds and minimize the rise of intraocular pressure.

Key characteristics

Key characteristics

Image: Very smooth capsule edges created by the FEMTO LDV Z8


  • Constant and precise in size, centration and roundness
  • Smooth capsule edges comparable to conventional cataract surgery
  • More reproducible than with manual technique

Lens fragmentation

  • Simple and effective fragmentation patterns 
  • Easy to remove segments and reduction of phaco energy
  • Low pulse energy reduces gas bubble formation

Corneal inzisions

  • Easy to open, self-sealing incisions
  • Incision placement close to the limbus possible
  • Customizable main incisions and up to two paracentheses

Arcuate incisions

  • Arcuate incisions within the cataract procedure
  • Any position, depth and optical zone diameter
  • Symmetric or asymmetric arcs

Advantages of the FEMTO LDV Z8

Advantages of the FEMTO LDV Z8

The FEMTO LDV Z8 uses the same low energy technology for cataract surgery that has already been proven for corneal surgery. This enables for gentle and smooth resections. More benefits are:

  • Image-guided surgery with proprietary OCT system and high resolution camera
  • Easy workflow integration with all kinds of patient beds and microscopes
  • Short total procedure time (patient in/out)
  • Continuous procedure without patient transfer during the surgery


The FEMTO LDV Z2, Z4, Z6 and Z8 are CE marked and FDA cleared. For some countries, availability may be restricted due to regulatory requirements; please contact Ziemer for details. Presbyopia treatments occur exclusively by a pocket creation and the implantation of a corresponding corneal inlay of a third party. Availability of related corneal inlays and implants may vary according to policy of the individual manufacturers and regulatory status in the individual countries. To comply with FDA regulations, devices for sale in the U. S. do not mention 'Presbyopia' on the panels.